Barbara Marx Hubbard: Rede zur Vizepräsidentschaft der USA 1984

In unserer aktuellen Ausgabe sprechen wir mit Barbara Marx Hubbard über ihre Vision einer evolutionären Spirtualität. Barbara, heute 84 Jahre alt, bewarb sich im Jahre 1984 um die Vizepräsidentshcaft der USA. Ihre beindruckende Rede im Zuge dieser Bewerbung ist heute noch aktuell und ein echtes Zeitdokument (ihre Rede beginnt bei Minute 2:30):





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Dr. Elizabeth Debold

For the last forty-some years, I have sought the answer to the question: how can we transform the dynamics of relationship and complexities of desire between women and men so that we all can thrive and reach our full human potential?

This inquiry has taken me from feminist activism in New York City to a doctorate in developmental psychology with Dr. Carol Gilligan at Harvard to a tumultuous global spiritual community that pioneered collective awakening and, finally, to an ongoing experiment in intersubjective emergence in Frankfurt, Germany.

I founded One World in Dialogue, an online forum to explore how intersubjectivity can bring us together across cultures to create new capacities in global consciousness. An author, transformative educator, journalist/editor, community leader and mentor, I have found the answer to my question in the amazing collective emergence of the Co-Conscious We and seek to share its potential in all that I do.