Wholeness in the Face of Fragmentation

A Global Pilgrimage Centered on Berlin
Live, Global, and Online
September 1-7, 2022

We invite you to join us in sacred activism–live and online.

Last year, all of us who participated in our online global pilgrimage to Assisi were surprised at the depth and presence we experienced together. This year we are taking a step further: our retreat is a response to the increasing fragmentation, aggression, and division of the world. Can we meet these all from wholeness? This is an opportunity to meet the crises of our times, most immediately the war in Europe, from a different perspective that neither avoids the catastrophes of division by calling on Oneness nor gets trapped in the very real pain and trauma.

Berlin is not usually considered a spiritual place. Too much division has happened here. But for this retreat, it’s history of division and the creative emergence that arose out of it, confronts us with the dark and light of the human condition. There is much to celebrate in Berlin, and much to remember, to not forget. With the war in Ukraine so close, and the barbed wire of the Wall now a memorial, Berlin offers an immediate and urgent encounter with the impact of human aggression. Out of this, Berlin’s aliveness and creativity has emerged. It is a special place for dialogue and for manifesting wholeness and solidarity.

As an online participant, we will take you with us to Berlin via Zoom video conference. You will join us in the meditation space that we will create at moos. And, when we begin to engage in sacred activism, you will be with us—meditating at the Soviet War Memorial or the House of One, where Jews, Muslims, and Christians celebrate together. You will help us to carry the field of wholeness through the chaotic streets of this city, anchoring us with your presence.

On retreat, we begin at moos.space.

A camera will be set up in the meditation space 24/7 so that you can join us in meditation or enter the space at times when we are not there. Together, we will dive deeply into meditation in order to free ourselves from the mind’s chatter and conclusions. Individually and collectively, we will develop our capacity to rest in open awareness. As a group, we will develop a powerful field of intersubjectivity, an interbeing, that allows us to realize our fundamental nonseparation—from our depths, from other human beings, and from all life. Establishing such a field and sinking deeply into it enables us to liberate a deeper response to life, as life. It opens the door to trust in life itself.

In addition, at moos we will not only engage in an intensive schedule of meditation, but will take breaks for conscious movement, walks in nature, and take time for simple, nutritious meals.

The online retreat is free–and we gratefully accept voluntary contributions. Your contribution enables us to continue our work, and to keep offering events like this for free.

Embracing Berlin from Wholeness.

Monday, September 5: Going to the heart of Berlin, we will take a boat from Treptower Park to the Tiergarten (Park) where we will walk through the Holocaust Memorial, Brandenburg Gate, and then the Global Stones Project in the Tiergarten where we will hold a public meditation.

On the right, Jacob from moos standing at the Global Stones Project.

Online retreatants will join us by livestream when we take the field of the retreat out to Berlin. We have three different events planned that you can join.

Sunday, September 4: Meditation & Dialogue together with the congregation of A Church of Interbeing, which meets in Genezareth Church in the Neukölln district of Berlin.

On the left, you see Jacob Huehn, Adam McKenty, and Elizabeth Debold making plans in the Church.


Tuesday, September 6: We will host a public dialogue in the courtyard of moos. We will invite other communities to join the retreatants to explore the core themes of the retreat.

Retreat Schedule

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Your guides

Elizabeth Debold and Thomas Steininger, the co-founders of One World in Dialogue and the Vison Team of evolve World, have been guiding others in meditation and exploring the potential of collective emergence for nearly three decades. For them, meditation is a critical foundation for the development of a new culture rooted in nonseparation and a shift from a hyperindividuated “I” to a co-conscious and co-creative “We.” Thomas has developed emergent dialogue as a new cultural practice that brings this new We alive. They are known internationally for awakening individuals and groups to this new, transindividual We potential. They also are deeply fortunate to be working for more than a decade with a core group committed to developing the collective potential of emergence. From left: Maria Zacherl, Nadja Rosmann, Mike Kauschke, Marlene Potthoff.

An Ecology of Practices

The meditation practice that we encourage in the retreat is a radical openness–letting go into open awareness. This helps to build a tangible field of presence together. We work with short, carefully selected works from the spiritual traditions of the world and various mystics, poets and even musicians such as Laotse, St. Teresa of Avila, Rilke, Thomas Merton, St. Hildegard of Bingen, or Arvo Part who support us each in their own special way to engage with the unspeakable. Through the practice of Lectio Divina, which involves a deep and communal reading and response to sacred texts, we penetrate the layers of meaning in the reading. The texts are selected as the retreat is happening so that they are responsive, and co-created, by the energy and needs of the retreat. For this Berlin retreat, the selected readings will reflect the sacred activism that we are intending, including readings from, for instance, Vimala Thakar on spiritual revolution, or Sri Aurobindo, the great Indian political and spiritual liberator, or Sophie Scholl, leader of the Nazi resistance group, the White Rose.

Together with the on-site retreatants, connected in consciousness, we will create a global Earth mandala, centered in Berlin.

Conscious movement & walks in nature.

Developing the sensitivity of our bodies is important in order to perceive and feel your physical and spiritual presence at increasingly subtle levels. Yoga, qi gong and other body/movement practices are always an important part of our retreats. We will announce later who will be leading this aspect of the retreat. Finding a good, quiet place for walking every day will be very helpful, too, for the suppleness of your body and mind. A local forest, beach, or part would be ideal. 

We will also engage in emergent dialogue

When we enter dialogue from the depths of silence, a new way of being together, of co-creative we-space, opens up. Dialogue in this way is a new form of intersubjective consciousness work–meaning that it emerges in the living space between us. Our experience of the world changes through encountering this space of emergent potential. The world of subject and object is revealed to us as a complex, nonseparate, co-creative intelligence. This dialogical intelligence is created through the free choice of participating individuals at the same time that it opens our perception to the wholeness of reality. 

The dialogue practice usually begins in the second half of the retreat, so that our perception has become refined through meditation before we engage with language.

Sacred activism

A new element, tailored to this retreat, involves bringing the retreat into contact with other places and people. In partnership with The Church of Interbeing and moos, we will select places where we want to bring the field of wholeness that we have been cultivating. Possible places include the Soviet War Memorial, the Chapel at the Berlin Wall Memorial, as well as places relating to pressing social divisions. These actions will be open to the moos and Church of Interbeing communities, as well as other, like-minded groups who want to join in silent meditation. You will also be with us, from a live feed using Zoom.

How to Prepare for an Online Retreat

To get the most benefit from this online retreat, it’s helpful to prepare in advance:

You will receive Guides for the retreat to help you plan your schedule and prepare. The suggestions here can get you started in thinking about how to create the conditions to have a profound and potentially transformative retreat.

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Thank you very much for joining us on this retreat journey!

Dr. Elizabeth Debold

For the last forty-some years, I have sought the answer to the question: how can we transform the dynamics of relationship and complexities of desire between women and men so that we all can thrive and reach our full human potential?

This inquiry has taken me from feminist activism in New York City to a doctorate in developmental psychology with Dr. Carol Gilligan at Harvard to a tumultuous global spiritual community that pioneered collective awakening and, finally, to an ongoing experiment in intersubjective emergence in Frankfurt, Germany.

I founded One World in Dialogue, an online forum to explore how intersubjectivity can bring us together across cultures to create new capacities in global consciousness. An author, transformative educator, journalist/editor, community leader and mentor, I have found the answer to my question in the amazing collective emergence of the Co-Conscious We and seek to share its potential in all that I do.