Expanding the potential of the Co-Conscious We

Co-creating a global we-space to birth a new activism

What if you could discover a way to be together with others in an intimacy and love that is our human birthright? What if you could awaken to a living space between us that allows conflict to transform into creative friction? What if we could find a unity, a collective presence, from which to make sense of the tensions and wisdom of our differences?


WE evolve is an ecology of practices and experiences designed to open and learn from the living field between us that sources a powerful creative intelligence. Through meditation, emergent dialogue training, HigherWe Labs, global rituals, and deep dives into silent retreat, WE evolve supports the emergence of a co-conscious collective presence that allows you to choose to step beyond the isolation of the separate self-sense to bring your unique life experience into a dynamic, diverse, creative whole with others.

For over twenty-five years, the team at evolve World has been experimenting with and developing the power of We. Over that time, we have witnessed both an increasing urgency to respond to the interlocking crises facing humanity and a growing interest in all things “we”—co-working, co-living, co-creating. There’s a relationship between the two: developing co-conscious and co-intelligent We Spaces enables humans to engage in collective sense-making in powerfully meaningful ways.

The seed and source of our work was through intensive practice in a spiritual community that has since dissolved. Recognizing that the potential of this living We was too electric and significant to be kept within the bounds of one community, we share its potential as widely as possible. Our experience and sense suggest to us that this shared, living presence opens new pathways for human development and the foundation of a new culture.

Through our emergent dialogue training, individuals and groups can discover a powerful new way to engage together. Our global retreats, rituals, and events seek to bring together wisdom from across our fair planet into a new resonance. We see meditation as a critical foundation practice that helps us to let go of our fixation with our identities and beliefs so that the knowledge we have gained from those identities and beliefs can be available to the intelligence of the whole. WE evolve is a space for networking, sharing, and co-creating. Our hope is that you will take what we have developed and run with it.


The Next Open We Space Lab

Free. Once a month. Explore the living intersubjective.

Upcoming Global Events

OWBW 2021 beautiful necklace in Milky Way
DECEMBER 4-5, 2021

One World Bearing Witness

A 24-Hour Online Live Global Ritual
winter trees
DEC. 28, 2021 - JANUARY 2, 2022

New Year's Retreat

Enter the new year with silence and depth on a 5-day meditation retreat. Online or onsite, on Dec. 31, follow the turn of Earth from New Zealand to American Samoa.

Current Offerings

Tuesday evenints at 7.30 P.M.

The HigherWe Lab

Co-aware, co-creative we-space practice.
Next program starts October, 2021

Emergent Dialogue

A 6-Month Intensive Practice Program

From the Global Dialogue Lab Library


The space between us, as subjects, that is in an intelligent and intelligible field of awareness. Awareness of this space between makes a collective presence palpable.

Co-conscious We

The step beyond the interpersonal world of you and me. Here, we realize that, in surrender to the wholeness that we are, we are guided by a shared perception and intelligence larger that the individual.


After 2000+ years of development toward human individuation, this is a next step. As choosing individuals, we open our sensing and awareness to the subtle dimensions between us, becoming available to the impulse of a deeper creative life force.

Emergent dialogue

A practice of collective sense-making that is rooted in the living realization of our wholeness and activated by surrender to the creativity and momentum that then comes alive between us.

Synergetic intelligence

The dynamic aliveness of the intersubjective field is synergetic by its nature. This creative intelligence acts with us to bring our perceptions and ideas into a new whole.

We evolve. Together.

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Dr. Elizabeth Debold

For the last forty-some years, I have sought the answer to the question: how can we transform the dynamics of relationship and complexities of desire between women and men so that we all can thrive and reach our full human potential?

This inquiry has taken me from feminist activism in New York City to a doctorate in developmental psychology with Dr. Carol Gilligan at Harvard to a tumultuous global spiritual community that pioneered collective awakening and, finally, to an ongoing experiment in intersubjective emergence in Frankfurt, Germany.

I founded One World in Dialogue, an online forum to explore how intersubjectivity can bring us together across cultures to create new capacities in global consciousness. An author, transformative educator, journalist/editor, community leader and mentor, I have found the answer to my question in the amazing collective emergence of the Co-Conscious We and seek to share its potential in all that I do.