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diverse perspectives through emergent dialogue in salons, live events, conferences, and right here online


new, intersubjective consciousness that makes possible new capacities for collaboration and co-conscious creativity​
evolve world is a living dialogue field for
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A quarterly magazine that synergizes diverse perspectives to stimulate dialogue and encourage exploration into the emerging future.
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magazine articles
Dialogues and interviews with the pioneers who are opening new vistas for human development and culture.
Practices to catalyze and develop the Co-Conscious We through emergent dialogue—this skill is one of an ecology of practices that opens up potentials for new, emerging cultural experiments.
Meditation & Events | Open We Space Labs | Online & On-site Retreats | emergent dialogue Training & Certification | Firekeeper Programs for the Development of Co-Consciousness
Experiments in collective sense-making in relation to the significant issues of our time. These dialogic formats bring pioneering experts together with interested individuals to co-create new pathways and potentials for cultural development.

Categories of Inquiry

Co-Creating a Global We-Space to Birth a New Activism
These topics and more are explored across our platform in evolve magazine, radio evolve, we evolve, and evolve live.

Nature, Climate, & Regenerative Practices.

ecosystems | climate-crisis | MOTHER-EARTH | permaculture | biodiversity | more-than-human-world | indigenous | environment
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Cultural Evolution

culture | social-imaginary | global-perspectives | worldviews | postmodernity | modernism | human-development| metamodernism | transindividuation| dialogos
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Sacred Activism

collective-action | post-activism | revolution | social-change | politics | human-rights | sacred-activism | subtle-activism | collective-trauma | social-justice
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Trans-secular Spirituality

spirituality | religion | religion-without-religion | consciousness | sacred | wisdom-traditions | mysticism | meditation | indigenous-wisdom
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Philosophy & the Metamodern

integral | heidegger | metamodernism | evolutionary-philosophy | logos | dialogos
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Technology & Consciousness

digitalization | blockchain | AI | VR | AR | omniverse | web3.0 | ecosystemic-design | internet-of-things | futurism | techno-utopias | DAOs
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Science & Its Critique

emergence | noetic-sciences | scientific-method | cognitive-science | rationality | transrationality | knowledge | objectivity
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Dr. Elizabeth Debold

For the last forty-some years, I have sought the answer to the question: how can we transform the dynamics of relationship and complexities of desire between women and men so that we all can thrive and reach our full human potential?

This inquiry has taken me from feminist activism in New York City to a doctorate in developmental psychology with Dr. Carol Gilligan at Harvard to a tumultuous global spiritual community that pioneered collective awakening and, finally, to an ongoing experiment in intersubjective emergence in Frankfurt, Germany.

I founded One World in Dialogue, an online forum to explore how intersubjectivity can bring us together across cultures to create new capacities in global consciousness. An author, transformative educator, journalist/editor, community leader and mentor, I have found the answer to my question in the amazing collective emergence of the Co-Conscious We and seek to share its potential in all that I do.